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Back Bay Period Renovation

A project that restores the beauty of a grand row house on Marlborough Street in Boston. Years of subdivided units in this building had created awkward spaces in the home. These awkward walls were vanquished to the past, allowing this beautiful space to shine once again.  The fantastic ceiling height and plaster cove were a large focus of the design. The work included the re-design of the living room, the installation of a period mantel piece, a chef’s kitchen with a built-in banquet dining area, a guest suite and a full master suite. Much needed storage space was created over the bathrooms, accessible from the bedrooms. A cherished antique wash basin stand was repurposed as the powder room vanity. The new color scheme was chosen to compliment  the light and airy qualities of the space.

Designer: Chelsea Blanchard  (Project completed while employed at Payne/Bouchier)

Builder: Payne/Bouchier